The World of Tellyr is one of the few points of order to be found in the Plane of Elemental Chaos. Formed in a final, cataclysmic battle between the god Tellyr and the primordial lord Dominux, it is said that the world is actually the husk of the fallen god and that his freed spirit protects it from the maelstrom around it.

With its many portals to the upper planes and its ability to sustain and create abundant life, Tellyr prospered. Its inhabitants swelled in numbers, grew stronger, and formed civilizations. All the while the Primordials and their descendents plotted its destruction.

A Millennia ago, the Primordials were able to pierce the barrier protecting the world. For years, The Chaos War raged across Tellyr and threatened to rip the world apart. But the races of Tellyr were rallied by a group of five powerful wizards who drove the invading hordes back into the Plane of Elemental Chaos and rebuilt the barrier protecting the planet.

Now Tellyr is threatened again, but this time by one of its saviors…

Fade into obscurity;
Keep close the secrets of Entropy;
And know one day our master will be free;

Be on the lookout for signs three times three;
The return of The Bringer of Insanity;
And rejoice, for existence will cease to be;

When The Tears of Fate turn to black;
Beauty corrupted will claim her homeland back;
And a nation in peril will perish in fire;

When The Nation of the Infernal Pact is consumed;
The one-eyed God’s children, their siege resumed;
And the advance of winter will be met by the light of the Sun;

When a Dead God rises from the grave;
The Mistress of Winter will be betrayed;
And the King, Queen, and Prince of Death will war amongst themselves;

—excerpt from Lament for the Chained God

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