Ax's Friday Night 4E Campaign

A Well Deserved Vacation

The group gets some well deserved rest and relaxation after the battle with Urishtar. Some of the party leave on personal missions, while others stay to relax, re-equip, and craft magical items.
Lord Ironspell is overjoyed that you have rescued Amyria’s soul from the clutches of Urishtar and plans another Raise Dead ritual immediately. The ritual is a success, and a ten-day of feasting begins in the lake-side village of Vaester.
During this time our heroes:

  • Astron: Tries to enjoy the celebrations in Vaester, but still receives wary looks from the townspeople. Heroic minotaurs are rare in Tellyr, and he can’t overcome the stereotype of being a mythical monster who menaces labyrinths. The Raven arrives in Vaester and Astron spends an increasing amount of time closeted away with his mentor.
  • Balazar: Rides out of Vaester towards the Great Forest with Larae shortly after the party returns.
  • Barph: Immediately travels to Sayre to use a portal there to go to The Blasted Lands to “tie up some loose ends”.
  • Gorlok: Spends an increasing amount of time with Moyshanna. They certainly discuss the campaign against Urishtar and Gorlok’s desire to become a knight of the Raven Queen…but there seems to be an romantic interest as well.
  • Larae: Wishes to visit her homeland in the Feywild. She rides off with Balazar towards the Great Forest (where Feywild portals are plentiful) shortly after the party returns from their battle with Uristar.
  • Marketu: Spends much of the first days back crafting magic items that will help the party in future endeavors. During the festival, he famously regales the people of Vaester with tales of the adventurers’ victory over Urishtar. As the festival winds down however, Marketu seems strangely introspective. He makes fewer public appearances and frequently wanders off by himself in the surrounding countryside.
  • Roland: Allows himself some downtime during the festival, but still rises early in the morning to drill the archers of Vaester’s militia. He has made an impression on the bowmen of Vaester, with many adopting the woodland dress of the elven Ranger. Toward the end of the ten-day festival, Roland seems antsy. Inaction is not his way and he yearns to draw the bowstring again.



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