Ax's Friday Night 4E Campaign

Alliance at Nefelus

Chillreaver Attacks

So it was agreed that Amyria Ironspell and the heroes would go to Nefelus and attempt to break the unnatural environmental blockade threatening the island. Hopefully breaking the blockade would also bring Nefelus’ considerable arcane skill into the Coalition.

Traveling to the island on Brindol’s Pride, a ship equipped with a magical ice-breaking ram, the party managed to break through the ice formations and frost giant soldiers surrounding the island. After arriving and meeting with Amyria’s contact Bejam, the island’s plight was worse than expected. Nefelus had about a day before their ritualists could no longer sustain the magic holding back the freezing weather. If the ritual gave way, the island’s climate would be forever altered, killing many creatures and permanently altering their way of life.

Through the Thraxinium’s research, the heart of the problem seemed to bear the mark of an artifact known as the Seed of Winter. When properly harnessed by a creature attuned to it, the artifact can cause drastic localized climate changes and can even alter creatures that come in contact with it or are near it. It appeared that the emanations came from an iceberg that had risen from the sea at the start of the crisis.

Our heroes agreed to investigate the iceberg, travelling there using Apparatus of Kwalish provided by Bejam. The party managed to navigate the icy waters, avoiding squadrons of sahuagin that patrolled the waters beneath the massive iceberg.

The party gained entrance to the iceberg through a submerged cave in the bottom. The iceberg was an amazing floating fortress with three levels of defensible positions. The party quickly fought their way through the complex, defeating arctic sahuagins, frost giants and other foul spawn of the frozen wastes.

Soon they came upon the source of the problem: a two headed white dragon named Chillreaver controlled the power of the Seed of Winter. The party managed to ambush the beast as it concentrated on the Seed of Winter and a fierce skirmish resulted. Despite Roland being dominated by the Seed of Winter and raining arrows on his own allies, the party was eventually victorious by cornering Chillreaver and negating her superior vertical mobility.

Chillreaver’s control over the Seed of Winter broken, her icy home started to crumble apart. The party hastily scooped up the artifact and the dragon’s horde and escaped through a tunnel in the top of the iceberg. The group used a skiff that had grounded on the ice to return to Nefelus. By the time they arrived at the harbor, the weather was noticeably warmer and the ice surrounding the island was breaking up.

With victory against Chillreaver, the group gained a Coalition ally in Nefelus who appointed Bejam to be a representative in Sayre. When leaving Amyria receives a sending from Fariex telling her that trouble is erupting all over Tellyr and the Coalition is deadlocked in debate deciding what to do.

Our heroes needed to return quickly…



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