Ax's Friday Night 4E Campaign

Assault on the Nightwyrm Fortress

The Nightwyrm Fortress
The party travels once again to Sartine’s Tomb to take a portal from there to the Nightwyrm Fortress. They are met there by the avatar of Sartine who opens the portal for them. She also pledges that the Raven Queens forces would attack Urishtar’s territory in order to create a distraction.
In order to win their way into the Fortress proper, the party must go through Magrathar’s Teeth, a huge wall/maze that surrounds the fortress. It is here that they do battle with the mercenaries that Urishtar has brought under his rule: a renegade nightwalker called “Porapherah”, an ice archon called “Vorst”, an azer mercenary called “Dedanum”, and a rather vicious slaad called “Zry”. This menagerie of thieves is led by Urishtar’s general, a larva mage named “Magrathar”.
The party battles its way through the complex, first defeating the undead commanded by the nightwalker Porapherah and take his soul ring. They then journey to an icy part of the Teeth ruled by the ice archon Vorst. While battling their way through Vorst’s area, they free a captured fire archon who swears vegenance against the ice archon king. The fire archon gains some allies for the party by sneaking them through less traveled passages of Magrathar’s Teeth into Dedanum’s realm. A squad of fire archons and fire demons helps the party assault Vorst’s throne room. After the ice archon king is defeated, the fire archons immediately turn on the party, but our adventurers dispatch the betrayers with a vengence.
With Dedanum’s numbers now thinned, the party brings the fight to the fire archon leader’s area. It turns out that there is another source of devastation to Dedanum’s forces as minions of the Raven Queen are also raiding Dedanum’s territory. The party swiftly gains entrance to Dedanum’s throne room and slays him, gaining their third soul ring.
While searching Dedanum’s lair, the party has an odd encounter with two ghostly scholars who are locked in a library doing research for Urishtar. They are argumentative brothers named Jakrob and Willum Vrin who were abducted and trapped in this room to research a way to penetrate the Raven Queen’s defenses. The party frees the ghosts who are greatly appreciative. If the party ever needs their services, they can be found in the Great Library of Nefelus.
Finally, the party gains access to the bridges leading to the Nightwyrm Fortress by defeating the forces of the black slaad Zry. Unfortunatley, Larae succumbs to the slaadi attack, but luckily the party fights off the Draconic Soulreaver coming to take her soul to Urishtar and she is restored to life.
After defeating Zry, the last of the soulrings is recovered. At this point Magrathar launches a surprise attack on the battlements, portalling in with a cadre of minotaurs and soul reavers. After a tough fight the larva mage is defeated and the party gains his soul ring. The party uses Magrathar’s soul ring to attune the other four allowing them to gain entrance to the Keep. They retreat into Magrathar’s Teeth to gain strength for their final assault against Urishtar.



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