Ax's Friday Night 4E Campaign

Back in Sayre

The party is met by Dergen Stormhammer and Lord Torrance’s personal secretary. There is a mixture of relief and anger when the party arrives. What has happened?

  1. No one knew where the party went off to. Caliandra, while respected, likes to operate independently and apparently told no one of the party’s mission.
  2. 5 days ago, Sayre was besieged by a large host of demons and undead. The city was taken completely by surprise, and it looked as if the city would fall. Amid the confusion, Amyria was able to rally the city’s garrison and Coalition forces in the area and mount an effective defense. Amyria herself led the climactic charge that broke the demon horde and saved the city… sadly, she fell in battle.
  3. More disturbing… attempts to use Raise Dead rituals have failed on Amyria and other fallen heroes.
  4. The Coalition leaders, spooked by the attack and the sudden “permanency” of death have fled back to their homelands.
  5. Lord Divian Torrance has sequestered himself in a hidden location until the dust settles, leaving Dergen and the Secretary to run things.
  6. As for Amyria, her body has been taken to her father’s estate in the town of Vaester. Vaester is a day ride to the southwest of Sayre.

Dergen pleads with the party to investigate the ritual failures and suggests starting with Amyria.



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