Ax's Friday Night 4E Campaign

Destruction of the Spiral Gate

After returning from Nefelus, Caliandra pulls the party aside and makes an impassioned personal plea.

“I am aware of a portal network that would spell doom for my people, Fairhaven, and the Elsir Vale. This “Coalition” doesn’t believe in its existence, but agents of evil in my lands seek it. Ancient scrolls speak of the Spiral Gateway; a network of portals created by ancient wizards seeking to encourage trade between all the nations of Tellyr. Knowledge of these ancient gateways was lost during the Age of Chains, when giants and orcs roamed The Blasted Lands enslaving the people of western Tellyr. If the sinister forces of Lankhmar and Erona find and reactivate these magical pathways, they could transport an army anywhere, at anytime in Tellyr. Time is short, as my agents tell me that the enemy has uncovered several of the nexus points that could be used to reactivate the portal network. Come to the Blighted Lands and help us secure or destroy this network. We can leave via a portal that our Wise Ones created to allow travel between my lands and Sayre."

Though the Coalition hasn’t agreed to it, the party enters the portal bound for The Blasted Lands:

Using the ancient scrolls Caliandra spoke of and guided by scouts of the Stagrunners and Sand King tribes, the heroes find agents of Lankhmar at each gateway nexus. Fighting alongside warriors of the Stagrunner tribe, the party is able to defeat the enemy forces and destroy the portal network.

Over the subsequent weeks, our heroes help the local tribes hunt down the remaining spies from Lankhmar. During this time the party becomes acquainted with a very competent warrior named Barpholomew. Barph is not from the Blasted Lands, but he has been helping the Stagrunners hunt down the orcs massing in the Barrier Peaks. When party prepares to go back to Sayre, Barph offers to join the party and they readily accept.

Caliandra is grateful and designates the party as “Daenar Solarae”, or “those that run with the dawn”. Daenar Solarea are legendary warriors prophesied to bring light to a dark world. She performs a ritual officially marking the party with that designation before they leave for Sayre. Thus marked, the party can find aid or share water with any tribe within the Blasted Lands.



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