Ax's Friday Night 4E Campaign

Final Battle with Urishtar

After resting the party starts crossing the bridge to attack the Nightwyrm Fortress proper. They are met on the bridge by Urishtar herself who seems more interested in finding out who the adventurers are. A brief and violent battle erupts with Urishtar barely escaping back to the top of the spire.
The party then enters the tower, battling the alerted forces of the shadow dragon. Though the defenders throw themselves in waves at the party, our adventurers are victorious. They then begin the climb to the spire of the tower.
During their climb, they enter a supernatural chamber where the Spire itself seems to speak to them:
“Welcome mortals. You have done well to journey so far into my current inhabitant’s realm. Perhaps you mean to lay claim to me? I hold no allegiance but to the one who built me. However, I do have my standards. You must be deemed worthy to walk my halls and with power granted by my creator, I will determine that worth!”
The adventurers are then submitted to a test of combat and wits…and they succeed. The tower seems satisfied, letting them pass. There seems to be a hint of excitement in the voice that speaks to them, almost like it is anticipating the upcoming battle.
The adventurers then climb to the very spire of the fortress where they meet Urishtar and swarms of draconic soulreavers. There is a swirling black vortex at the top of the Spire that seems to feed the dragon’s power. Occasionally soulreavers would fly by dropping stolen souls into the vortex which would heal the mighty dragon.
After an epic fight, the dragon finally succumbs to the party. When the dragon dies, the power containing the vortex weakens. The vortex explodes in a burst of necrotic energy. When the dust settles a dark figure stands where the vortex was; a black-robed skeleton, with a rust-red body and green, ropy hair carrying a scythe. He laughs at the party and flies off into the Shadowfell with incredible speed.
With the ominous laughter still ringing in their ears, the weary party travels back out of the fortress to return to Vaester.



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