Ax's Friday Night 4E Campaign

Larae Returns

Two days after Vaester’s ten-day feast, Larae returns from her homeland with a cryptic scroll:

Fade into obscurity;
Keep close the secrets of Entropy;
And know one day our master will be free;

Be on the lookout for signs three times three;
The return of The Bringer of Insanity;
And rejoice, for existence will cease to be;

When The Tears of Fate turn to black;
Beauty corrupted will claim her homeland back;
And a nation in peril will perish in fire;

When The Nation of the Infernal Pact is consumed;
The one-eyed God’s children, their siege resumed;
And the advance of winter will be met by the light of the Sun;

When a Dead God rises from the grave;
The Mistress of Winter will be betrayed;
And the King, Queen, and Prince of Death will war amongst themselves;

—an excerpt from Lament for the Chained God



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