Ax's Friday Night 4E Campaign

Meet the Coalition

The Coalition

A coalition of the eastern nations of Tellyr have formed in response to the aggression of Lankhmar, Erona and Athas. Merith pleads with the party to take part in the meeting and introduces the party to Amyria Ironspell, a paladin of Bahamut who is adamant about opposing Western aggression. Amyria champions our heroes in the first meeting of The Coalition.
Major points of the first meeting:

  • The island nation of Nefelus is threatened by a supernatural threat. A ring of ice is forming around the tropical island and the temperature of the island has been deceasing, threatening a way of life that spans a millenia. Amryia has been in contact with her friend Bejam and makes an impassioned plea on befalf of the island nation. Nefelus would make a powerful ally to the Coalition and with a favor owed…the council asks our party of heroes to investigate.
  • The First Chancellor of Erona has used the threat of Azan-zog’s attacks to solidify power and to return the nation to it’s more aggressive nature. They have massed troops on the Northeastern border facing Fairhaven, and have launched a military campaign against Saldaea and Tyrinthol with the aid of Lankhmar and Athas.
  • (Reported by Caliandra) Orcs, giants and fouler creatures have been massing in the Barrier Peaks. Caliandra moves for decisive action along that front, but the rest of the Coalition doesn’t see that there’s resources to devote to the problem.
  • (Reported by Caliandra) Suspicious Shadar-kai (obviously outlanders) have been poking around the Sand Kings’ tribal territory in the Blasted Lands. They seem intent on ancient ruins and archeological finds in the area.
  • (Reported by Dergen Stormhammer) An army of orcs and giants has made a coordinated attack against the passes of Stonehome Mountains. For the first time in its existence, Overlook was besieged. The siege has been lifted thanks to the elvish and human settlements in Fairhaven.
  • (Reported by Inogo Dravitch): The Canaughlin Bog has expanded alarmingly, disrupting trade between Cairhein, Altara and Sherrbyr. Traditional trade routes have become too perilous.
    This supernatural bog originally sprung up centuries ago and was merely an annoyance to be avoided. Like a parasite, it has steadily engulfed thousands of acres of land. The hag that has menaced the bog has attracted a growing cult which has seemed to increase its growth with each follower. Inigo suspects an invasion upon the land by the forces of Chaos.
  • The nation of Lormyr declined invitation to the Coalition. They are reeling from the loss of both Ashenport and Wellspring. While they acknowledge that these events were not the fault of our heroes, they will forceably remove any party member caught within their borders.
  • Lankhmar has shut its borders and refuses trade from foreign countries.

Conclusion: It is decided that our heroes will sail for Nefelus to both relieve the supernatural siege of the island and seek an ally.



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