Former mentor of Arnse MacFarden. Apprentice to Malachi (DECEASED)


Cyril ran a school for the magically gifted out of the town of Wellspring. Seeing immense potential, Cyril took in the orphan Arnse MacFarden when he was a young lad. Arnse was like a son to Cyril and the former displayed much skill as a sorcerer as he grew older.

Unfortunately, Arnse also showed a predilection for drink and visiting the banned Black Lotus dens of Wellspring, which ended with his expulsion from Cyril’s school.

After Arnse left, Cyril threw himself into his work, eventually falling in with the Alienist wizard Malachi. Bent by madness in his study of the Far Realms, Cyril helped steal the corrupted Tear of Ioun for Malachi and sent Arnse and his companions on a suicide mission to Ashenport when they got close to discovering his involvement.

Arnse was murdered by Shathrax during the mind flayer’s theft of the corrupted Stone of Ioun. After his death, Cyril’s madness ended and he showed remorse for his betrayal of Arnse during a “speak with the dead” ritual.

Unfortunately, Cyril’s betrayal was too much for Arnse who left the party.


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