Gorlok Skullsplitter

21st Level Half-Orc Barbarian / Bear Warrior (Hits hard!!)


class: barbarian
paragon path: bear warrior
epic destiny: raven knight

max hp: 174
bloodied: 87
surge value: 43
surges/day: 14

ac: 38 +1 when raging
fort: 38
ref: 37
will: 32

acrobatics: 20
athletics: 22
endurance: 17
intimidate: 23
perception: 18


Gorlok was born of a union, when his orc mother raped his human father. After she had her way with him, she killed him in a most heinous fashion. When she found out she was with child, she tried to abort the baby on the spot. But the child was too strong and refused to die. It was as if he was blessed by the Raven Queen herself. Once the child was born though, she cast it aside thinking that it would die alone in the wilderness. Again, the child proved to be strong. He was found by the great wizard Abernathy and taken into his house. There the great sage discovered that the boy was descended from a great line of warriors. He was descended from the great Gorlok himself, and was thusly named for his esteemed ancestor.

While growing up, he was taught to get in touch with his most primal instincts. His body and mind were honed through excruciating training and combat. He learned to use his rage as a weapon. As he became mature enough, Uncle Abernathy used him to perform many different tasks. With his difficult childhood, Gorlok began to believe that all life revolved around death. Thus began his reverence for the Raven Queen. Also during this time he started to take trophies from his slain enemies as a reminder to himself and to others that death waits for all, and all shall in due time stand before the Raven Queen.

It was during this time that Gorlok was introduced to his best friend, the tiefling bard, Marketu. Marketu sometimes serves as Gorlok’s conscience, taming his more violent tendencies. For this friendship, Gorlok will always defend and protect Marketu if possible. Later Gorlok was introduced to the remainder of his fellow party members which he travels with today.

Abernathy always seemed to treat Gorlok and his friends with respect, but then he betrayed them in ways which shall not be repeated here. Let’s just say Gorlok has a special place for both Abernatthy’s and his mother’s head on his armor when he catches up with them.

As Gorlok turns 22, he has proven his worth to the Raven Queen, and has been blessed and honored with the privelege of becoming one of Her raven knights! This has become the greatest honor ever bestowed upon him. Perhaps he will one day earn enough respect from Her to bcome her consort in the future? Only time will tell… At least for now he has found some happiness in the arms of the Soul Reaper cleric of the Raven Queen, Moyshanna.

Gorlok Skullsplitter

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