Bow Ranger


Paragon Path: Battlefield Archer
Epic Destiny: Demigod

Init +21
AC 30, 126 HP
F 28, R 34, W 30
8 Movement
26 Passive Insight
34 Passive Perception
+24 Acrobatics
+24 Stealth
+27 Thievery
+24 Perception
+23 Nature


Roland lived in a small forest village for most of his life, training to be a hidden spirit of the woods. One day, an army attacked the village without warning. Roland was in the forest, and when he came back, everyone had been slaughtered. He tried to hide and pick off enemies, but was no match for the professional soldiers. At the time, he believed that he was saved from also being slaughtered by the kind intervention of Abernathy. Now he realizes that it was actually Abernathy that led the army through the village.

Roland has sworn to avenge his home village. He believes that the spirits of the villagers travel with him and help him in his mission. Now, he will do whatever it takes to protect the world from Abernathy and defend the other inhabitants. Once Abernathy is dead, Roland will continue to pursue his role as a hunter, stalking those who would upset the balance of the world.

His goal is to take up the mantle of one of the five protectors now that time has worn down their willingness to protect this world.


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