Roshtand the Green


— from the Book of the Raven

Roshtand is one of the oldest beings on Tellyr. Originally from the Feywild, he has always maintained a powerful connection to the demi-plane. It was Roshtand who acted as a conduit, drawing energy from the Feywild to power our ritual to rebuild the barrier during the climactic moments of our war against the Chaos Horde.

The result of this powerful pull of fey energy is the Great Forest, thousands of miles of thick forest in the middle of Tellyr. After the war, Roshtand withdrew into the Forest… becoming one with it. It is said that in the Great Forest, the World of Tellyr and the Feywild co-exist. Rostand has explained to me that in order to draw that much energy from the Feywild he had to merge the two planes into one.

As the years have passed, Roshtand has withdrawn more and more into the Forest, giving in to its Primal nature and losing his humanity. A pity, for I found him to be one of the wisest and thoughtful of our kind.

Roshtand the Green

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