Ax's Friday Night 4E Campaign

Past Events: Spring CY 3014

The party awoke at an opulent table full of exotic food and wines in a large banquet hall. The Lord of the Hall (William Courteney, Duke of Erona) was dead and guards led by Robert Arnys, First Chancellor of Erona arrived to take the party into custody for execution. The party escaped and hid in the surrounding forests.

When talking to a villager outside the town of Emberall, the party learns the truth of what had actually happened over the last year…

According to the villager, the party actually freed the fire demon Azan-Zog who was trapped in the Forge, destroyed the respected dwarven clan of Karan-zur and led bands of goblins and orcs while rampaging the countryside in the name of Azan-Zog.

The party is stunned. They don’t remember the described events or much about the last few months, but the story has the ring of truth and stirs some hazy memories.

While near Emberall, the party meets a “farmer” named Auldwyl who claims to have freed the party from their “walking dream” under order from his master “The Raven”

The party decides to right the wrongs they apparently committed. They sneak into Azan-Zog’s encampment, defeat the fire demon, and destroy his lair. While doing this, they are saddened when they have to slay their former companion Jared the Paladin because he has turned his back on Pelor and sided with Azan-Zog. They also learn that Azan-Zog works for Abernathy.

After escaping Azan-Zog’s crumbling lair, they meet The Raven that night. The Raven offers to transport the party across the continent to escape the wrath of Abernathy. The party accepts and they are transported to the town of Wellspring.

Past Events: Late Fall CY 3013

After completing a mission into an ancient dwarven kingdom where the party scattered a tribe of evil dwarves, banished the fiery demon that led them and freed the Forge of the Mountain King, everything changed…

Past Events: Summer CY 3013

Our group started as prisoners in the seaside city of Basura. Their Tiefling captors tortured and abused them; the unluckiest of them subjected to the vile rites of demon gods.

The party managed to escape their prison and were smuggled out of the city by a pirate name Destaro. He spirited them across the sea to the Northern Kingdoms where they were reunited with their “benefactor”, a kindly old mage named Abernathy.

Abernathy had, in various guises, been a part of all your lives since childhood. He says that your group has an important, yet vague destiny. He sends you on missions to recover items of great power that will give him further clues about your future.


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