Places of Interest

Cities and Towns

Ashenport : Coastal city in Lormyr with a sinister reputation.
Basura : Ancient capital of the faded Tiefling nation of Palpatur on the Southern continent of Tellyr.
Erona : Traditionally aggressive land-locked nation that has allied with Lankhmar.
Imrryr : Normally peaceful capital of Lankhmar has now conquered its western neighbors. Home of Abernathy.
Magrathea : A town established on the northeast frontier of Altara by Priests dedicated to Erathis.
Nefelus : Island nation of great Deva mages and newest member of The Coalition.
Overlook : Dwarven fortress protecting the passes through the Stonehome Mountains to The Blasted Lands.
Sayre : Magnificent city of artisans and mages located in the Elsir Vale.
Wellspring : Once thriving town in central Lormyr and former homebase of our heroes. The town was obliterated by a force of shadow-spawn thought to be directed by Abernathy.


The Great Forest : Massive forest that dominates the central geography of Tellyr.
Regnum Inferi : Citadel in the Shadowfell that is the home of Merith of the Flame.


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