The Chaos War

—excerpt from the Book of the Raven

Trouble began nearly 900 hundred years ago when a group of mages unearthed a powerful artifact. This artifact was a fragment of what once was Dominux. The malevolent force turned several of the mages toward piecing the shield that protected Tellyr from the Chaos beyond. Using the artifact, these twisted mages created another demi-plane of Tellyr, the Shadowfell. Here the shield of Tellyr was weak and abominations could enter from the Plane of Elemental Chaos with little difficulty.

Hordes of Efreets, Slaads, and Primordial giants and titans gathered in the Shadowfell and launched an all out assault on the World of Tellyr. War raged across the land. The suffering and loss of life was staggering. The Chaos horde began to destroy the shield protecting Tellyr from within.

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The Chaos War

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