The Coalition

To counter the threat Abernathy’s forces are posing to Tellyr, Amyria Ironspell has rallied and cajoled the following leaders to meet in Sayre and discuss a defense. Since the attack on Sayre, many of these leaders have returned home.

Divian Torrance
Lord Divian Torrance
The ruler of Sayre, elected by a fellowship of scholars and merchants, and is a potent and skilled politician. Sayre was the host for the first meetings of the Coalition.
In public he is all charisma and smiles, but he has the reputation of working backroom meetings ruthless.
The one member of the Coalition who can break down Divian’s facade is Bejam of Nefelus. Bejam’s unassailable logic proves to be an effective shield against Divian’s charm and persuasion.

Dergen Stormhammer
Dergen Stormhammer
Last seen in “Forge of the Mountain King”. He is gruff but friendly, and a staunch ally of the PCs.
Dergen is also friends with Amyria, and he backs her unflinchingly. Unfortunately, his seemingly blind willingness to support the deva makes him look intractable and foolish to the more politically savvy members of the Coalition, and his staunch support has almost proved a liability from time to time.
He seems to be very disagreeable with Inogo, which Inogo reciprocates.

Caliandra of the Stagrunners
This ancient elf can trace her descendants back to elves who migrated from the Feywild almost eleven of her generations ago.
She leads not only her own tribe, the Stagrunners, but has also been named the voice of all the tribes that live in the Northwest portion of Tellyr.
All told, she speaks for a group of twenty-five tribes.
The group helped thwart a plot by Abernathy’s agents to seize a very powerful and far-reaching portal network in her lands and has dubbed them “Daenar Solarae” within her tribe. She introduced Barph to the group shortly afterward.

Quelenna Entromiel
Quelenna Entromiel rules over the mercantile settlement of Dornaithos, which trades both fine craftwork (including goods from the Feywild) and everyday items. Her settlement is quite powerful and wealthy, with traders in every major settlement in Tellyr.
Coincidentally, one of her prominent merchants was saved from Dagon’s clutches by the party’s exploits in Ashenport. For that, she seems to have much faith in the group.
In council, she tends to react favorably to what Fariex says, and is always chatting him up between sessions.

Fariex the Scalehammer
Fariex the Scalehammer
Doesn’t represent a political body, but is a powerful merchant with interests in various cities. He has connections to many far-reaching settlements, townships and ports, and the wealth and military might they represent.
He is light-hearted by nature, and knows more jokes than most jesters. He is far from a buffoon, however, and expects respect. His one weakness is a tendency to weigh the facts of a problem instead of quickly making up his mind.

Inogo Dravitch
Inogo Dravitch
Leader of the Theocratic city-state of Sherrbyr in the southern desert. He represents a powerful city, in terms of both its military and divine might. Sherrbyr could field a veritable army of healers, as well as a mounted corps of paladins.
Inogo is mostly quiet in Coalition meetings, speaking up only when a plan of action is proposed. He is, at first, unwilling to commit any resources without first “exploring other options” or his personal favorite, “negotiating to help them see reason.”

The Coalition

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