Ax's Friday Night 4E Campaign

Triumphant Return to Wellspring and a Rebirth

Apple tree

After the defeat of Malachi and the destruction of the corrupted Tear of Ioun, the party returns to Wellspring where the madness of the Far Realm corrupted artifact has lifted and the party are welcomed as heroes.

They setup a home base in Cyril’s old school and get some well-deserved rest from their adventures.

Charlie spends more and more time in the library pouring over maps of the areas to the west of town, near the mountains surrounding the The Great Forest. Charlie hasn’t seemed right since falling in a skirmish with Malachi’s minions… wielding more arcane power and showing a semblance of emotions?

After a week, Charlie asks the party to accompany him a day’s ride west so that he can perform an important ritual.

The party accompanies Charlie and witnesses the transformation of Charlie into Larae Starflower. The magics unleashed by the ritual attract a large group of Feywild defenders, but the ensuing battle is quickly interrupted by none other than Roshtand the Green. The old druid is frustrating and cryptic to talk to and disappears along with the Feywild defenders suddenly.

The party travels back to their new home pondering the weird events of the day.



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